How does it work?

Basics – As the title suggests, Neural Mechanisms ONLINE consists in a series of webinars (= online seminars), to be held every two Friday (see the calendar, and please beware the timezone). The topic is philosophy of neuroscience (broadly construed). If you are willing to attend, please send a request at

The paper – Roughly ten days before each session, the speaker’s paper will circulate among the participants. The paper might be either a published paper or a unpublished draft: in the latter case, participants are asked to keep it private. Participants are invited to read the paper before each session.

Joining the session – Right before each session, speakers and participants will receive on their email an invitation to join a web-conference. Conferences will be hosted by Cisco WebEx, a professional software made available by the University of Turin. All you need to join is to download a browser plugin. The download link is provided along with the invitation to join the conferences. For technical details concerning the software, please visit the troubleshooting page.

The session – Each session will last 2 hours. During the first 30-45 minutes, the speaker recapitulates the contents of her paper. The remainder of time is for Q&A.

Video – Each session will be recorded. Provided that the speaker gives her consent, the presentation of the paper (without the Q&A sessions) will be published on our YouTube channel.

Further question? – Do not hesitate to contact us at